Hot off the heels of a blistering New Year’s Eve performance, New York’s premiere electronic project Xeno & Oaklander have just announced a new record, kicking things off with swirling single “Angélique.”

The track is the first taste of Hypnos, the band’s first record with Dais and first full-length record since 2016. “Angélique” is another delicious slice of electronic bliss, focusing heavily on layers of polyphonic synthesizers, a driving mid-tempo beat, and Liz Wendelbo‘s dreamy vocals, which by design channel French chanteuses such as Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Fontaine. As always, both her and Sean McBride‘s efforts marry precise craftsmanship with passionate expression, focusing heavily on assertive harmonies and powerful electronic interplay.

Hypnos also features contributions from visual artist and live sound engineer Egan Frantz, who produced the record. The LP will be out on Vinyl, digital, and streaming platforms on March 8th. Check out the tracklisting, album cover, and pre-order link below:

Xeno & Oaklander- Hypnos
1. Fire And Smoke
2. Hypnos
3. Angélique
4. Insomnia
5. The Light The Whisper
6. Altamira
7. A World Without Sun
8. Athena

Pre-order via Dais Records

Photo by Cathleen Berenyi

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