Witch-wave pop duo Ba:zel have unveiled their video for “Situation”, a dark twilight-lit rhythmic incantation conjured by almost trip-hop like irregular percussive beats, overlaid with the siren-like vocals as a falconer tends to his bird of prey, evoking the imagery of the 1985 Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfieffer film Ladyhawke.

“Situation” mirrors the duo’s most recent single “CIVIL” in casting a discerning eye on the strains of urban existence, although “Situation” shifts the attention from how technology serves us to how it may be one of the things that may very well enslave us.

“I sometimes feel overcome by the desire to have things. Boredom rises out of the luxurious conditions of my life and overwhelms me with anxiety. I must go buy something. I must go do something… “Situation” came out of these feelings, these thoughts fluttering around the stress of having so much and always needing more, of having been taught that to enjoy my free time I need cash to do so, and the means to earn it.” -Ewelina (vocals, keyboard, flute)

“Situation,” says: ‘It’s not too late to do what you want,’ while also exclaiming: ‘OUCH, there’s this f*** leash around my neck!”-Daniel (bass guitar, drums, electronics)

Filmed over a remarkable four days with American director Mika Johnson and Italian cinematographer Tommaso Montaldo in Bohemian Paradise and South Bohemia in Czechia, the
music video for ba:zel’s “Situation” is a tense contemplation on identity, borders and freedom.

“I was immediately drawn to “Situation” because of its haunting combination of pain and beauty. Ba:zel came to me with the concept of creating a music video contrasting these emotions with symbolic imagery of humanity’s great potential, stunted by its addictions, alongside images of bondage to labour, which destroys this potential. We drew upon two symbols, the first being birds, often representing the release of the spirit from the entrapment of the Earth. The second was the castle, more difficult since castles are often used to represent the containment of treasure or knowledge, often spiritual. Nevertheless, there is a much older association with castles as simply the oppressive image of the dominator. Especially when seen from a distance, Trosky is truly a magnificent and terrifying place.” -Mika (director)

Watch the video for “Situation” below:

Ba:zel is the collaboration between musicians  Ewelina Chiu and Daniel Vlcek. Coming out of the opposing traditions of the hazy world of underground techno and a Catholic music conservatory education, ba:zel makes music that straddles spheres of fragility and depth. Following their debut album eye draw(s) the line (2016) and Scene 7 EP (2017), ba:zel has toured extensively both on the old continent and across the ocean. The project has been variously labeled as “frosty minimalism” (AlterEcho), “music for sleep-deprived ravers” (180 AM Collective) or “poetic perfection” (DiscorderMag). The duo is currently planning a European tour with Montreal based project Alder & Ash.

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