[dropcap]Post [/dropcap]Punk is nearly 40 years old as of 2016. This underground movement from the late seventies to the early 80s returned to glory when bands like Interpol openly embraced their roots and created a bleak sound cocktail that started off the Post-Punk Revival movement that brought us bands like Editors, The Horrors or even The Killers, who recently got knighted by New Order (where they get their namesake) with Singer Brandon Flowers being invited to join Bernard Sumner on vocals for Music Complete‘s closing track Superheated. Widely ignored at first, bands like Young Marble Giants, The Chameleons or Durutti Column – named by Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante as one his major influences for his guitar works, were dug up by a new generation of musicians who embraced the sound that was created usually before they were even born.


One influence that is frequently mentioned above all is Wire, one of the key players of the early Post-Punk underground, a band that created much of the sound of New Order before New Order were New Order. Hell, Wire even have their own “Drill” Festival, with bands like Swans, and Savages on the bill.


Given their prolific influence, we at Post-Punk.com are particularly honored to be presenting Wire’s Berlin Gig on November 22nd (2 days after your humble Editors birthday) at the Postbahnhof club.  This gig is in support of the band’s 13th studio album, the self titled “Wire”.



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