West Coast-based Cyberpunk electro band 2Libras produces dark, synthy beats infused with melodic guitars. Today they announce the release of the haunting Infected, from their first full-length “World’s End” (due to be released 03/17/2023).

“Infected was created during the height of the pandemic, during which everyone was isolated, and the only real connection was social media – which contains so much negativity, hatred, anger, frustration, and lies,” the band explains. “With such a crisis, one hoped it would bring the world together, but instead, it brought us more tension. We are infected daily with it. During Jewels’ fever dream when she had covid, the verse came to her as she thought of those who were isolated and died alone to pay tribute to them. They are not forgotten.”

The video clip is an illustration of that despair and chaos borne of illness, and paranoia and reaching a critical mass of mass media.

Watch the video for “Infected” below:

2Libras’ music, a postmodern throwback to the early 90s, is both emotional and intense, yet danceable. Their lyrics reflect the influence of technology, big data, and social media in our global society and how that affects interpersonal relationships, while diminishing our collective outlook.

“We created an AI child from the pieces of ourselves that we preferred the most,” they say about the album. “We made it immune to death and out of love it found a way to keep us from dying also. For some time we were content in our prison of silicon. Eventually we started questioning everything, including a way to escape. The ghosts in the machine told us a way. Will we make it out before the World’s End?”

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