Oakland post-punk quartet Wax Idols are back with the video for “Mausoleum” from their fourth and forthcoming album Happy Ending. In the Dalton Townsend filmed video, Wax Idols maestro Hether Fortune channels her inner goth, while hanging out at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland.

About the video Wax Idols’ Fortune says,

“We made this video ourselves with our friend Dalton Townsend and an old Sony Hi8 camcorder. The Monty Python-esque shenanigans are meant to stand in contrast to the bleak environment and subject matter of the song: life carries on after tragedy, but even though you learn to live with the pain of loss, it never really goes away. ‘Mausoleum’ is a song about that feeling—when a memory or random experience has you unexpectedly thinking again about a loved one, and it almost feels like they’ve come back, just for a moment.”

Happy Ending, out May 16th, is an exploration of the abstraction and finality of death from philosophical, political, and personal perspectives. The painting on the cover of a figure mourning is by Oakland artist Lena Gustafson, whose work focuses on what she has described as “how memories are stored in the body.” Fortune says the band picked her to create the art because her work is “post-body, which has a lot to do with what our album is about.”

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Wax Idols tour dates:

  • 4.14 | Great American Music Hall | San Francisco , CA
  • 6.1 | Red Museum | Sacramento, CA
  • 6.2 | The Holland Project | Reno, NV
  • 6.4 | Neurolux | Boise, ID
  • 6.6 | The Astoria | Vancouver, B.C.
  • 6.7 | Barboza | Seattle, WA
  • 6.8 | Cryptatropa | Olympia, WA
  • 6.9 | Tonic Lounge | Portland, OR
  • 6.15 | Eli’s Mile High Club | Oakland, CA
  • 6.16 | The Hi Hat | Los Angeles, CA

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