I will be the sun for you…

The Danish-Canadian artist, Sally Dige, is not new to writing sad songs—in fact, it’s easier for her. During the pandemic, the Berlin-based Dige toiled over going into melancholy autopilot, as most of us did, and decided to force herself into writing something lighthearted. The new single, “I Will Be the Sun for You,” is the product of her forced diligence to not regress into depressive songs.  “It’s easier and more natural for me to write melancholic songs, like my songs before, but I really wanted to write something that was entirely positive and joyful,” says Dige. “That in itself was challenging.”

“I Will Be the Sun for You”‘s focus on positivity—emphasized by plucked strings and sunny mandolins and balalaikas—is an air of lightness in such dire days. “It’s a love song, but not just in the conventional sense,” says Dige. “It’s the love that someone brings into your life who uplifts and supports you.” As a song about care and unwavering kindness, Dige utilizes her skilled songwriting with her soft vocals.

Further, he music video is set in a golden field, replete with blue skies—”I Will Be the Sun for You” is the uplifting track we need right now. Watch the video below.

Pick up “I Will Be the Sun for You” on Bandcamp. And follow Dige on IG and FB.

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