Berlin post-punk ensemble Clock Of Time is about to release their debut seven-track LP Pestilent Planet,  a blistering fast release coming out only eight months after they performed their very first gig together. This is no surprise, however, as the band is rounded out by skilled musicians culled from local bands such as Vexx, Useless Eaters, and Diät, the latter of which penned one of our favourite tracks of 2019, “WIGTDWM” aka “What’s It Got To Do With Me”.

Clock of Time are an anarchic anachronism, sonically like Blitz, EA80, and The Sound, altogether encapsulating the DIY and political spirits of deathrock, early post and positive-punk with caustic sounds and timely lyrics that are an urgent response to our new dark age.

Watch the video for the title track “Pestilent Planet” below:

Clock of Time’s debut Pestilent Planet LP comes out via Static Shock Records and Iron Lung Records on Friday, August 21st.

For those who can’t wait, listen to the full album here.

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