2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Jessie Evans. While her early-2000s synth-punk band The Vanishing will be reuniting for a highly anticipated Bay Area show, Evans is moving forward with a brand new solo record, titled Heartwave. We’re honored to premiere lead single and opening track “Chariots.”

The track is a hard-hitting, sleazy, synth pop rave-up, which would sound right at home on any self-respecting dancefloor. Evans’ voice adds a sinister, yet alluring energy to the track, which swings for the fences with a massive hard-hitting chorus. The lyrics are a prayer, pulling from a series of spiritual references across the spectrum. Evans has a few words to share regarding the track’s synthesis:

“I wrote this song late one night when I couldn’t sleep in the pouring rain. About a year ago my neighborhood flooded which was a horrific experience that brought great fear every time it rained. I wanted to give faith to myself and to everyone out there who’s struggling. I believe we’re all gods and we can manifest peace and happiness in our lives no matter what the circumstances.”

The video, directed by Fabio Viana and produced by Younick, features Evans posing and performing amongst the ruins of a political prison in Ubatuba, Brazil, where Evans currently resides, with occasional overlays of a city in heat overlaid on top. The duality of the imagery plays into the track’s power and hope, portraying an oasis of beauty for those otherwise surrounded by concrete jungles.

“Chariots” kicks off Heartwave, Evan’s third solo record. The album is produced by Younick (Paris) and due out via Fantomette Records and will hit Bandcamp on June 21st, with other digital platforms to follow. Check below for the full album artwork, track listing, and pre-order details:

Jessie Evans- Heartwave

  1. Chariots
  2. Heartwave
  3. Swept Away
  4. Let Love Lead
  5. Magic Poison
  6. Intermission
  7. My Island
  8. Hold Onto Me (feat. Elladina)
  9. Sail with Me
  10. Rubi

Pre-order via Bandcamp

Photos/collage by Yuri Emmerich
Album cover by Fabio Viana

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