California goth rockers Valdivia X  bring a theatrical bend to their wonderful new video for “Jackhammer Man”.  Making good use of stage props, costumes, and kabuki makeup, the band wanted to bring powerful statements about the world we live into a visual reality. Channeling Killing Joke, Sisters of Mercy, and Howlin’ Wolf,  the mastermind behind the project is musician Raymond Villegas.

Originally embracing a Spanish-English motif, Valdivia X would pull imagery from mythological and historical elements of mariachi and El Día De Los Muertos. Personnel changes led to a new approach: Villegas, now fronting the outfit, adopted a post-apocalyptic-vibe, a mariachi get-up, and the stage name ‘Chucho De La  Muerte’ (‘Dog Of The Dead’). After staging several shows as a solo performer, vocalist and drummer Diana Perkins joined him to form a duo. Originally from Japan, Diana took on the guise of a character that draws from the Kabuki esthetic of her heritage: ‘Kage,’ which means ‘shadow’ in Japanese. 

Bob Byrnes later joined the group, bringing along influences from his Italian/Sicilian roots and culture, and creating the character ‘Bisonte De Sicilia’ (which translates to Sicilian Bison).  The newly minted trio melded indigenous folk elements that represent a microcosm of the diversity of Los Angeles. 

The video, a rotoscope-style performance video, captures their eclectic and spooky aesthetic in a playful way.

Watch below:

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