Lou Rebecca has been ceremoniously building toward the release of her debut LP, Restless, due out via Holodeck Records this fall. The Austin-based, Parisian native has been laying the groundwork for the LP’s release with a serious of infectious singles and videos, showcasing her knack for both passionate synth-pop and whipsmart visual presentation. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the video for “Waiting,” conceived and directed by Lou.

The video depicts two central characters, both portrayed by Lou, in a synergy of motion and rhythm. One character is longingly lost among a series of vintage synthesizers while the other moves in a more controlled chaos on a dimly lit street and in a restaurant. These scenes are cut with live performances by Josh Mills, Lou’s creative partner, who co-composed the track.

Lou has graciously offered these words explaining her vision for the video:

It’s about that moment, when you realize you’ve become a shadow of yourself. You’ve let the routine make a ghost out of you, moving on autopilot. You open your eyes and understand that something within you has been withering. It seizes you with great urgency, brutality almost, that everything has to change, it has to change now, before it’s too late.

For the characters, though they have opposite personalities, they are going through the same emotion. The blonde being explosive fire, the brunette being a quiet storm. However different, they both understand the urgency of this moment. It’s their last chance to wake up and step back into their lives, or to become empty shells of themselves forever.

The track itself is a shimmering slice of synth-pop bliss, bright and energetic with a drop of longing, channeling the long-lost and deeply cherished Elli & Jacno. Lou’s half-English, half-French lyrics add to the song’s dream-like state.

“Waiting” is the first track from Restless, due out on September 20th on vinyl and cassette. Check below for the full album details and pre-order link:

Lou Rebecca- Restless
1. Waiting
2. Break It Apart
3. Desire
4. Bonbon
5. More
6. Restless
7. Créature
8. Miaou Disc-0
9. Almost
10. To Keep You

Pre-order via Holodeck site

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