Sextile’s synthpunk console cowboy Brady Keehn, now operating under the handle Panther Modern, has unleashed his video for “Body//reaction”—a surreal matrix of computer-generated brilliance, augmented by music that is the perfect fusion of EBM sensibilities and synth-driven post-punk featured on Panther Modern’s debut EP Los Angeles 2020.

On the video’s DIY computer-generated production, Keehn explains:

“The “Body//reaction” video is a deep dive of surrealism, escapism, futurism and a personal challenge of self-sufficiency. For me, this is the new DIY. Not picking up old VHS camcorders from thrift stores. But downloading cracks of overly priced digital software, that give you the ability to create and light whatever you want, without you having to throw down a budget or have bodies there. And you can get a full education via YouTube. This video was also a personal challenge and exploration into my visual aesthetic. Something I haven’t given much focus on in a very long time and, because of that, I had doubts in my ability to create visually appealing work. Let alone of fuckin’ full video.

Watch the video for “Body//reaction” below:

Of the video’s face filter, which Keehn also designed, he explains:

“The visuals come from my fascination with futurism and Los Angeles. Coinciding with the EP release, I wanted to give the fans the ability to immerse themselves into the visual aesthetic of Panther Modern. The result was a face filter I created, based off the Digital EP cover. The filter brings the cover and visuals to life, almost making it more tangible for the user. The filter and visuals are both harmonious and dissonant, something I find frequently happening simultaneously, throughout reality. In music we have always had, the observer, or the listener, but now we have the user”.

Utilize Panther Modern’s “Body//reaction” face filter here

On May 31st Panther Modern’s debut EP, LOS ANGELES 2020 was released digitally via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. A tape format of the EP was also released on July 8th, 2019, and is available for order now.

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Panther Modern currently has several dates booked this autumn in promotion of the EP.

  • 8/23 – San Diego, CA – Whistle Stop @ w/ New Boy, Lower Tar
  • 9/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon @ w/ Fee Lion
  • 10/3 – Minneapolis, MN @ Dark Energy

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