Isotropia, the collaboration between Georgian artist Keren Batok and Mexican synth maestro Angel Kauff of Stockhaussen, have premiered their video for “Auto-da-fé Of The God” from their upcoming Spasms LP.

We asked Keren Batok to tell us a bit about her collaboration with Angel Kauff, the upcoming Spasms LP, upcoming touring in support of the Borderline Negation LP, and the video for “Auto-da-fé Of The God”:

“Me and Angel Kauff have been working together since his first album Cold Lines which he created as Stockhaussen.

Our collaboration began the tracks “Void” and “Parallel Locations” in 2016. In 2017 we decided to “dive deeper” and that’s how project Isotropia came into being. Our first album Borderline Negation was produced by Young and Cold Records Label ( Germany/Augsburg).

Currently we are working on the second album Spasms and also we are going to tour Europe on August/September 2019 in support of Borderline Negation LP, with some dates are already announced such as Festival in Augsburg organized by the Young and Cold Records and Kalabalik På Tyrolen 2019 in Sweden / Alvesta. Other dates will be announced later .

Angel is rare talent, who works on few projects and also challenges himself as Stockhaussen by inviting different vocalists and songwriters for collaboration. To name few there is Ditta Perdita, Anna Nin of None, Lynette Cerezo of Bestial Mouths, Sólveig Matthildur of Kælan Mikla and many more.

I think it is very brave of him and I always listen carefully to songs that he does. Our working process may seem weird, as we have never met in real life, we have not even called each other through skype or face app and our first face to face meeting will take place this summer during our first tour ! Which means we are going to give flesh to our projects and songs by singing them on stage, every single one—from the “Void” to the “Auto-De-Fe Of The God”.

Regarding the lyrics for Auto-da-fe Of the God, I started writing them as my own manifest against religious institutions, but in the process of writing I realized that it goes way beyond protest against body of church, Christ, classical understanding of religion, which is dominated and written by males. It’s a triple protest: against politics of the church, male dominated pantheons, and any kind of propaganda used by religious organizations from big to smallest to keep women silent and conditioned to believe bullshit they spread.

As for the video of the song I started with the idea of becoming the anti pope or she-pope and Pope Joan suited my idea perfectly, so I took her as an inspiration, then I represented her through different faces: Androgynous being, Babalon and an inquisitor. Now as I watch the video when the work is done I view it as the dream of Pope Joan being on her menstrual period on Easter or Christmas morning, her voice and body bleeds and she is at once representation of church as much as she is its opposition, hiding her gender and standing as a head of the misogynous institution. A Perfect Paradox.”

Watch the video below:

The release date pending for the Spasms LP, in the meantime, another track “But, Are You The King?” is available digitally along with “Auto-da-fé Of The God”, as well as the Borderline Negation LP over at Bandcamp.


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