William Maybelline of Lebanon Hanover under his solo guise of Qual recently remixed Stockholm post-punk newcomers Isolated Youth’s track “Safety”.

The remix is a slow burn unrepresentative of the band’s guitar based music. The track heats up half way through it’s duration courtesy of Maybelline’s inclination towards pulsing EBM beats. Maybelline also makes a cameo appearance in the video, joining the other members of Isolated Youth in the black and white clip, shot as the snowfalls during a Scandinavian winter.

Isolated Youth is Egon Westberg Larsson on Bass and Andreas Geidemark on drums, along with William Mårdberg on guitar, and Axel Mårdberg on vocals. It cannot be overstated how androgynous the brothers Mårdberg are in appearance, with Axel in particular resembling a young Steve Rawlings of The Danse Society.

William and Axel Mårdberg

“These songs are for the alone, for the bleeding boys, songs in red, songs for the blue girl. I believe in the dying writer. I trust the lonely girl. I protect the sensitive boy. These songs are of devotion.”Isolated Youth

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