Portland’s Darkswoon just released their hypnotic debut record Bind on February 9th via Manic Depression sister label Icy Cold Records. The album channels both fierce electronic prowess and shoegaze-inspired guitar textures, centered by vocalist Jana Cushman’s croon, Rachel Ellis’ evocative synth lines, and Andrew Michael Potter’s pulsing bass. As such, the band channels both the detached chill of early Fever Ray and Eurythmics as well as the churning menace of Modern English. We’re honored to premiere the video for “Human Faults,” the latest single from Bind, directed by We Are Parasols.

The video features Cushman, blindfolded, singing amidst similarly-themed stock footage. The video’s subversive nature reflects the song’s ice-cold take on humanity. The track itself is a corker, both incredibly powerful and irresistibly catchy at once.

Check out album artwork, tracklisting, and ordering details for Bind below:

Darkswoon- Bind
1. Red Ferrari
2. This Flesh
3. Human Faults
4. Emoto
5. Animal
6. Fireplace
7. Parting Embrace
8. Love Is A Warm Dark Cave

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