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Violet Silhouette Unveil Video for Pensive Post-Wave Single “Strange Wind”

Violet Silhouette is once again commanding attention with their latest single, “Strange Wind.” Beating with the heart of 80’s industrial while embracing the contemporary spirit of the current post wave panorama, this vibrantly pensive track is a dark and pulsating invitation to lose oneself in the dance of shadows. “Strange Wind,” from the band’s forthcoming second EP, “FEVERBLUE,” is anything but breezy, however.

With this single, the dance-punk/postwave triumvirate embarks on a fresh voyage, diving deep into the multifaceted realm of “Neuromanticism.” This exotic medley of sensory experimentation, paired with our recurrently perilous quest for the quintessence of truth and love, pushes boundaries in the genre-bending musical landscape. Imbued with kaleidoscopic undertones and a brooding romanticism, their sound provokes thought, smears the lines, and adds a new dimension to the continually evolving realms of alternative music.

Propelled by a thunderous rhythm, this anthemic dance floor dirge blends warm, throbbing synthesizers, crystalline guitar riffs, and a meticulously crafted mosaic of ambient atmosphere. The band’s signature spectral, longing vocal melodies are set against a percussive backdrop harkening back to the raw, mechanistic beat of the early 80’s industrial era. The song is an evocative tribute to the history of the genre while bravely exploring the frontiers of the present day.

The video, directed by photographer Roberto Badillo, paints a brooding visage of Violet Silhouette, masterfully encapsulating the enigmatic aura surrounding the band, and the foreboding sentiment lacing this track. While the rhythm undeniably invites movement, the track’s ambience hangs heavy with a disquieting undercurrent. The artist’s emotions, primal, urgent, and unfettered, are laid bare in the stunning visual spectacle that accompanies the song. The beautifully-shot film captures an honest portrait of the band, wrapped up in their distinctively murky aesthetic.

Watch the video for “Strange Wind” below:

Strange Wind” is a tantalizing peephole into the vast and vibrant sound cosmos the band is set to unveil on their forthcoming EP, “FEVERBLUE.”

Incepted in the fading twilight of 2019, Violet Silhouette made their first mark in the world of music with the release of their debut EP “SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION” in 2021, a project forged amidst the global turmoil of a pandemic.

The band’s creative process, deeply influenced by their collective emotional subconscious, gives birth to an uproar of eerie archetypes and cryptic affectionate lexicons, shaping an entity fondly referred to within the group as “The Silhouette.” This constantly evolving, fluid identity is the culmination of their songwriting, production, and performances.

The essence of “The Silhouette” is palpable in Violet Silhouette’s fervently impassioned, high-energy stage performances. Their on-stage antics are often described as spontaneous and unpredictable, punctuated by intense, drama-laden movements and sporadic jolts of kinetic energy coursing through their collective veins. The performance is the embodiment of rebellion, akin to a restless spirit confined but fervently yearning for liberation.

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Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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