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Femme Post-Punk Foursome CG8 Debut New Single “gothgirl1”

Little fairy caught in the spider’s web

I want my brain to be ripped

Straight out of the heart of New York City, CG8, an audacious all-female foursome, has been causing ripples in the fabric of the musical establishment since their inception. Their band moniker, undoubtedly provocative, even risqué, is so boundary-pushing that we can’t expand it to its complete form here. Such a daring choice indeed sparked censorship and resulted in ostracization from the prestigious corridors of esteemed music journals. Armed with a fiery brand of music that belongs firmly within the boundaries of alternative rock’s darker side, they have the capability to enthrall and set ablaze any crowd. Theirs is a tale of defiance, music that reverberates with fervour, and an unyielding determination to make waves in an industry often resistant to change.

Lida Fox, Veronika Vilim, Chase Lombardo, and Avishag Rodrigues – a formidable foursome forging a path through the electroclash universe, paint a canvas of vibrant chaos. The myriad influences coloring their musical palette are as diverse as their sound, with a blend of the provocative Peaches, the ethereal Cocteau Twins, grunge-pop pioneers Garbage, the relentless Suicide, the bonkers B-52s, and the queen of pop, Madonna.

Gallivant about in your most gossamer goth threads and prepare for a spellbinding journey as this idiosyncratic ensemble reveals “gothgirl1“, a fresh track from their debut EP “phantasea pharm” under the prestigious 4AD label, slated for release on August 18th. What surfaces is a four-minute expedition into a captivating allure, masterfully enclosing the cryptic essence shrouded in its origins. Echoes, tills, incantations, infectious refrains – this tune is predestined for the pinnacle of dance floor decadence.

Birthed in collaboration with the accomplished Nick Launay, who boasts a distinguished resume with names like Kate Bush, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Slits, the creative process took place in the idyllic French commune of Barbizon, a mythical artist’s sanctuary tucked on the fringe of a fantastical fungus forest.

The origins of phantasea pharm was born out of an obsession with Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of “Old McDonald” ahead of a show in Charlottesville, Virginia. The band decided to pay homage with their own absurdist spin. Vilim dressed up in a cow leotard with pig accessories, Lombardo in a g-string and apron that read “The Grillfather,” Rodrigues became a lawn mower, and Fox took on the role of a sexy rooster. “We went on stage that night and told everyone we were a ‘Fantasy Farm.’” They knew then that would become the basis of their new EP.

phantasea pharm follows last year’s standalone single “dumb bitch” and the EP’s cumgirl8 (2020) and RIPcumgirl8 (2021), and arrives in the midst of their headlining EU/UK tour and festival run that has seen them play Primavera, The Great Escape, London Calling, and more. cumgirl8 will then make their return stateside later this Summer opening for Le Tigre in Toronto, Montreal, and Boston in July.

Tickets to all of their shows are on sale now via the band’s website.

phantasea pharm is out August 18th.

Pre-Order Here


  • 6/9 – Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Best Kept Secret
  • 6/17 – Kriens, CH @ B-Sides Festival
  • 6/18 – Mannheim, DE @ Maifeld Derby
  • 7/1 – Oakland, CA @ Mosswood Meltdown Festival
  • 7/7 – Trenčín, Slovakia @ Pohoda Festival
  • 7/21 – Toronto, ON @ History*
  • 7/22 – Montreal, QC @ L’Olympia*
  • 7/24 – Boston, MA @ Royale*
  • 8/18 – Wales, UK @ Greenman Festival
  • 8/19 – Glasgow, SC @ Core Festival
  • 8/30 – Berlin, DE @ Popkultur Festival
  • 11/10 – 11/11 – Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Festival

* = w/ Le Tigre

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