Vancouver-based post-punk act Sektion Tyrants are back, following up their previous single “Instant Hit” with the angst-laden and introspective new song “Systematic Letdown”. A soundtrack for when everything falls apart, this latest track from the project is a show of strength while channeling inspiration from classic post-punk bands such as The Sound, Echo & The Bunnymen, and The Church.

Fronted by Steve Ferreira, along with ex-Weird Candle member, Caleb Blagdon, “Systematic Letdown” highlights Sektion Tyrant’s ability to create a sound that is both old-school and modern. The new single’s contrasting synths are both lively and melancholic, capturing a frantic mood that is driven forward by catchy guitar hooks, and Ferreira’s anguished vocal refrain.

On writing of song, Steve Ferreira explains:

“This is one of the first songs we wrote with our current lineup. Sektion Tyrants was initially a Tubeway Army-inspired solo project that I formed back in 2018 and I was pleasantly surprised with the transformation of the band when we wrote this song as a duo. The guitar definitely sparked the Adrian Borland inspiration and the rest followed quite naturally. “Systematic Letdown” was written in late 2019, at a time when I was overwhelmed by the unbalanced state of my mental health. Essentially, the song is about a distressed period of my life. Little did we know, things were about to get worse. Ha!”

Remarking further on the track’s influences, Steve adds:

“On a positive note, I paid homage to Siouxsie in this one. I was imagining that she would hear it someday when I wrote it.”

Listen to “Systematic Letdown” below:

“Systematic Letdown” is the 4th digital single from Sektion Tyrants’ debut full-length LP to be self-released at the end of the year on the via band’s own label.

Details to be announced soon.

The song is now available on all streaming platforms and was recorded by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound with extra guitar credits by Jeffrey McCloy (Tranzmitors) and Jason Corbett (ACTORS).

Artwork by Lorelle Marie. Photo by Analissa Longoria.

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