My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields has revealed that the planned two new EP’s from the quintessential shoegaze band have now evolved into full albums.

Shields initially made the announcement of new material earlier this year, promising a new EP by the summer

However, Shields revealed in an interview recently filmed at Japan’s Super Sonic Festival this past August that the band are in fact working on two new albums:

“We’re trying to finish a short album of material… it was going to be an EP in the summer, but we decided not to and decided to make it longer,” Shields said.

Given that it is currently a trend to release seven track LP’s, like for example Nine Inch Nails recent album Bad Witch, it may not be such a stretch to imagine that by developing a track or two more for each, that the EP’s could indeed become a “short album”.

“So it will be seven tracks or eight tracks, hopefully will be finished in the end of November,” Shields added, then going on to elaborate on that more recording of new material will continue next year:

 “In the next year, there will be about two new records.”

Not unlike Cure fans, those who love My Bloody Valentine know that these days promises of new recorded material can take a long time to come to fruition, if at all. But speaking of The Cure, My Bloody Valentine did unveil a new track live this past june while performing at the Royal Festival Hall during Robert Smith’s Curætion of the 25th annual Meltdown festival.

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