Tuxedomoon’s bassist and co-composer, Peter Principle Dachert has sadly past away. According to  the band’s singer/multi instrumentalist Blaine L. Reininger via band’s website, he was found in his room at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, where Tuxedomoon had been preparing for a new tour and composing new music.

The cause of death has apparently been either a heart attack or stroke.

This follows the death of the band’s multimedia artist Geduldig, who had died on March 7, 2016.

Tuxedomoon is an avant-garde and experimental post-punk band from San Francisco, California, most well know for tracks such as electro-punk dancefloor staple No Tears, and In A Manner Of Speaking. The band performed along side contemporaries such as Pere Ubu, The Residents, Devo, and Cabaret Voltaire, and were also featured on the soundtrack to the Wim Wenders film, Der Himmel Uber Berlin.

Some of Tuxedomoon’s last releases were The Box, a 10-vinyl boxed set containing 9 of Tuxedomoon’s major albums, as well as an album of previously unreleased material, and a collaborative rescoring of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

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