[dropcap]Tomorrow[/dropcap] art invades Berghain—with a special event inspired in part by he song ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Turn Around Bright Eyes  is a digital art meets live music event that’s pushing the boundaries of the musical experience. This unique show hosted by Your Mom’s Agency with an exclusive video interpretation of Bonnie Tyler’s infamous song by the equally infamous Peaches.

Also featured is Boris Eldagsen with his wallpaper art show “The Poems – How To Disappear Completely” at the notorious famous club the “Berghain / Panorama Bar (OFFICIAL)”.

The event is tomorrow, October 15th 2015, Doors and Start sharp 19:00 !!! (Berghain is finally not only Techno anymore)!


Eledagsen: The Poems – How To Disappear Completely

Beside Boris Eledagsen you will find artists performing, playing and showing their art like listed: Digital Art, New Technologie and Live-Performances by Actually Huizenga (Video), Boris Eldagsen (Video), Dorit Bialer (Mixed Media), HYENAZ (Live Performance), Jamie Harley (Video), Koudlam (Live), Kritzkom + Romain Frequency (Sound Installation), Lisa Wassmann (Projection), Marianne Jacquet (Sound Installation), Martin Müller (Light Box), Natacha Mankowski (Video), Peaches (Video), Peter Kirn (Live), Valquire Veljkovic (Video)


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