Since the project’s inception in 2013, Silent EM has been building up a loyal cult following in the bowels of Brooklyn and beyond. With a series of scathing live shows and a string of singles, split releases, and EPs across many of the best labels, the project (helmed by musician and designer Jean Lorenzo) has been at the forefront of a newer, harder, hybrid of the modern minimal synth, EBM, and coldwave movements. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the video for “Wraith,” another taste of Silent EM’s debut LP The Absence, released today via Disko Obscura. Watch below.

The video, which was shot and directed by Dino Kuznik and edited by Silent EM, Dino Kuznik, and Chris Campion (Multiple Man), depicts Lorenzo, clad in a long black jacket, walking with intent through many of New York City’s most treasured landmarks, including Coney Island, the Staten Island Ferry, Harlem, Roosevelt Island, and more. The track itself is a blistering treatise in hard-hitting minimal electronics, lightning fast tempos, spitting vocals, and swirling synth lines, calling bands like The Frozen Autumn, Invisible Limits, and Staccato Du Mal to mind.

“Wraith” is the first single and penultimate song from The Absence, a collection of eight of Silent EM’s strongest, most powerful tracks to date. The album was recorded late last year by Matia Simovich (Inhalt) at Infinite Power Studios in Los Angeles. In a refreshing change of pace, Disko Obscura has both announced and released the album today, available immediately on Bandcamp in both digital form as well as on limited stone and fire variants, each version limited to 250 copies. Check below for the full album art, track listing, order details, and upcoming Silent EM tour dates with fellow Disko Obscura label mates Ortrotasce:

Silent EM- The Absence

  1. Machine
  2. Don’t Crash So Fast
  3. Last Rites
  4. Virtues Of Our Age
  5. No Rest
  6. Return Of Yesterday
  7. Wraith
  8. No God’s Land

Purchase digital / vinyl edition via Bandcamp

Silent EM / Ortrotasce + Disko Obscura (DJ sets)
No Rest No Heaven East Coast Tour

  • New Orleans 08.09
  • Nashville 08.10
  • Baltimore 08.12
  • Philadelphia 08.13
  • Pittsburg 08.14
  • Detroit 08.15
  • Toronto 08.16
  • Montreal 08.17

Photo by Dino Kuznik

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