[dropcap]Over[/dropcap] on The Brvtalist today, the Post-Keluar solo project of Zanias premiered the music video for Follow the Body. The video is a collaboration between Zoè Zanias and our own Clay Adamczyk shot while wandering the dunes in a part of Poland near the Baltic Sea.  Zoè can’t help but evoke in my mind the image of a Fremen from Frank Herbert’s Dune, except instead of wearing a Stillsuit, she is wearing a fantastic black outfit from UYthat in her words “billows in the Baltic Wind”.

The video heralds the release of the Zanias solo EP, To The Core, which is out September 5th on Vienna’s Noiztank. A four track 12″, this is the artist’s first solo release since coming off her two previous projects, Keluar and Linea Aspera.

For more information, please visit Noiztank.


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