In honor of Creux Lies releasing “The Hearth” last month, Ean Clevenger is taking us through the album track by track! Stream the album (below) and enjoy!

“Well, “Silhouette”…I guess this song is an excellent start, and also, a pragmatic way to musically start the record. I believe we put this track on the lead as it somewhat corners all of our collective nervous system—reverb-drenched guitars, sweeping drums, hooks, ladders, etc. The further context, from a lyrical standpoint, covers what I guess is my transformation. Throughout my artistic career, I’ve been known as quite the little radical-leftist. With a quick search engine look at my name, the results will lend many of my philosophical leanings and angles; those found throughout my harder projects. With the change to Creux Lies, I guess I had to find a way to be that person still, to make amends with still feeling passionate and wanting to continue to bring my perspectives of earnest political assertiveness to such a, well, less friction-filled canvas. This song is somewhat of a relook in the mirror; a more honest, less charming, but truthful perspective of my current power and will. In the end realize, I will never bow down, regardless of the intensity of the soundscape.”

“The record turns and twists around so many themes and stories. When it the needle transfers to “Portals”, I recall how I wrote from my heart; and also, from a particular perspective of my continually evolving life. I’m taking stock in the pain and the profit from. Being in a transcending place today, as I found a right life partner to work through this world with, I have the sight to look at my past, and, as the killer of some romantic dreams in my days, the recipient of such, and through the eyes of tortured partnerships with my friends and family, I can tell you… Love is still worth it all. It’s better to live, and love, than die alone. Or at least, hold on that beautiful dream till the last breath… After all, haha, we all will anyway take the last one alone nevertheless if I am not mistaken?”

As an added bonus, is also premiering a brand new music video for “Portals” below! Easily one of the best music videos I have ever seen in the genre, I did indeed cry the first time. The symbolism is incredible, you might want to give this a few watches:


“From another part of my mind’s cosmos comes “The Unclasping”. This song is an extension, the metaphorical call, and call-back of a couple levels of notions. There is indeed a nihilist theme that permeates a good amount of my words here. From one side, this song echoes, too cold to feel, an animal…the stark truth of a human’s instinct. And, worse, with a shot in the heart, the adrenaline kick of free reign—laissez faire…we are a dangerous organism, and as a side note, so is the Trump administration, and those who worship this moment…these figures are a great example of how feeble and self-serving we can be. We need to pay close attention to ourselves as well as those stricken, and further, cure our illness.”

“And, speaking of sickness, we come to “Eulogy”. (sorry, being a marketer brings out the cheesiest of transitions in me). More darkly, but to me lightly, this song is literally my eulogy to my loved ones…for the day when I become something changed. I don’t believe in heaven, hell, etc., but I do believe in energy and entropy, and I infer we will all be one again in, the gathering.”

“As I am writing this, I am following along as a listener to this record we, (SOMEHOW?) created. It’s a remarkable thing to create a new soundscape, and, I must say, I am proud of what we have accomplished. The next track I am soaking in is “Virginity”. The Cure is a band that we worship. I have always thought the composition of “Prayers For Rain” was simply the sexiest song ever imagined. I wanted to find a way to make something like this become ours. This song, being the most dramatic and ballad based track on this record, utterly dripped with sensuality and instinct. This song provoked those concepts of the tidal trial of coming together as two humans, intertwined both physically and mentally, and how illusively and powerfully that magic can both inspire and destroy in such a starkly real mode in our very primitive and modern appearances…”

“As a vegetarian and longtime advocate for animal rights, in unison with my environmental philosophies, the story (film) The Ghost and the Darkness resonated with me deeply as I began the content exploration for the song Tsavo. The concept of the story centers around imperialistic hunters attempting to protect a railroad company laying track in a region called Tsavo, in the Republic of Kenya. Through the men’s continued attempt to kill the lions, they also proceed to die at the claws and fangs by way of the king’s of the natural world. This process resumes until the last of the pride is taken in the name of (human) progress. I consider all of those, continuing the work of freedom, justice, and equality for all (not just humans) to be of that lion geist. We will continue to serve until the last gasp. I suspect this track is a reminder for Americans that stand against this sham of a government, to show your teeth, and use them if you have to.”

“With “Áine’s Song“, this tale is very personal. It’s a homage to my goddess of summer, my red mare, my wife. I burn by rites in her honor. There is magic for all of us who are loved and give love, by marriage, friendship, and compassion to those alone in this life. We all should burn for each—intensely, daily, and through word and work.”

“The last track, “Simulacrum“, closes this album. This song in so many ways cinches the thread tightly, both sonically and thematically, finishing this tapestry of ours. Contextually, it stands within the dualism and nihilism ever-present, the dance of life, and, the only enduring element of ourselves…our bone. That which will be stripped, bare, certain, and yet, hard enough persist. After all, this life is a dream…savor the seconds, the pain, and the glories.”

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