Following the track the Darkwave track Iris, which debuted earlier this summer, TR/ST has officially premiered the title track off of his two-part Destroyer project whose second iteration sees its release this November.

Robert Alfons strays from the cold wave infusion of Iris on this one, utilizing pianos and live drums, and shimmering Vangelis like keys while dropping into falsetto like reverb-drenched vocals, overall creating a languid dream-pop daydream.

On “Destroyer”, Alfons notes:

“Writing the title track for the album was such a pivotal moment in that it unleashed a whole new direction for the project and really shaped how the rest of the album would be produced.”

Listen below:

Although officially making its debut on his Youtube Channel, the song has been online for quite a while, notably having a video directed by Justin Tyler Close & Ryan Heffington, the latter of which has worked on the Netflix series The OA.

See the video below:

The Destroyer Part 2 is out November 1 via Grouch/House Arrest. You can pre-order it here.

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