No self

No self

Put the ego on the shelf

Vancouver’s Total Chroma is back with an icy new synthpunk single: “Northern Lights,” from their upcoming full-length album L A P L A N D.

The hypnotic song is an existentialist poem about the endless journey of self-transformation set to music, exploring the idea of destroying one’s ego and identity in an attempt to find short-term inner solace. The lyrics, sharp, and repetitive in nature, are intended to cast a spell-like trance over the listener – in hopes of invocating temporary ego death.  The minimalist poetry also metaphorically explores the desolate beauty of the writer’s ancestral Sami landscape. It evokes an almost medieval chant style over frenetic arpeggios and spellbinding beats.

Total Chroma is the solo project of Robert Katerwol (Wire Spine, Weird Candle), firing off manic synths, space noises, and rapid-fire atmospheric soundscapes with Red State. The subject matter is timely for the threat of societal breakdown, where deviance from the status quo is deemed unacceptable.

Inspired by Italo disco, classic EBM, minimal wave, and post-punk, Katerwol as Total Chroma bridges his inspirations into “a genre-smashing cocktail of sweaty dance floor catharsis.” Since 2012, Katerwol has been actively producing, releasing, performing, and touring across North America, and the EU.  Katerwol has shared stages with Lebanon Hanover, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, She Past Away, Boy Harsher, Youth Code, Psyche, Schwefelgelb, Latitia Sadier, Severed Heads, Selofan, Pastel Ghost, Pure Ground, Nuovo Testamento, Kontavoid, Drab Majesty, Qual, High Functioning Flesh, Light Asylum, and more.

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