San Francisco’s noted Shoegazey post-punk band Topographies have laid all vulnerabilities bare in their spellbinding new track, “In Crept Doubt”, a song taken from their forthcoming EP Difference & Repetition.

The EP’s new set of tunes retain the dream-like quality they are known for, however, there is a denseness that pervades this new assortment, adding a new layer upon their already rich tones.

“In Crept Doubt” is a perfect example of what is to come. The song doesn’t rely on hooks. Instead, they lay a meditative beat with soaring guitars and a steady bassline, all soaked in reverb, while Gray Tolhurst’s vocal weaves equally in the mix like the thread holding the tapestry together. The undeniable nod to classic Post-Punk melding with Coldwave and modern Dream Pop make Topographies one of the most uniquely gorgeous bands of our time.

The group formed in the Bay Area of California in 2018. Within that short timeframe, Justin Oronos, Jeremie Ruest, and Gray Tolhurst have built a strong following based in part on their small but steady output of releases but also on the power of their live performances. They have toured with Soft Kill, Be Forest, Tennis System, and The Chills—with plans to do more shows in 2020 including a spot at this year’s SXSW Festival.

You can stream “In Crept Doubt” below.

Difference & Repetition will be released on cassette and digital download by Dream Recordings on February 14th. Pre-orders are now being taken by clicking here.

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