On August 19 the independent label TONN RECORDINGS from Belfast published the stunning new single The Seepa little record from Toulouse’s monikers Blind Delon + Sopoorific featuring remixes by London’s synth-pop act Vogue. Noir and the Parisienne synth-wave spear Hante.

“The Seep” is a double A-side release which includes the tracks Fadin” and “Erasin” that are written and produced by Mathis Kolkoz (Blind Delon) and Alison Flora (Sopoorific), also featuring two individual remixes that are created by Aleks Ippolito (Vogue. Noir) and Hélène De Thoury (Hante.). The record was also mastered by the also Parisienne synth-wave/ EBM musician/ producer Sydney Valette.  Altogether this lineup is somewhat of a dream team, comprised of well-regarded personas from the wider alternative electronic music and synth circuit.

The Seep is a stunner whose four tracks make it difficult to choose a favourite. Indeed, it looks like the team from Toulouse got themselves into some sort of creative competition while maintaining a cohesive grounded vibe between them. Mathis and Alison offer two edgy and groundbreaking tracks that are deeply recommended to fans of the French school of finely crafted synthesizer music and coldwave.

Meanwhile, the guests from London and Paris have simply twisted these two tracks into something completely intimate and personal. Vogue. Noir has removed “Fadin” from its shady coldwave atmosphere to put it on his own electro oriented pathways reimagining it as a musical score to the flowing of cold lava.

Hante. on the other hand, took “Erasin” and transformed the already adventurous arrangement into her own passionate own style, proving once again her a formidable force in the current synth-wave scene.

The Seep is available on limited edition 12″ vinyl.

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