Film and music video Director Tim Pope made an appearance yesterday at r7al, a new film event in Switzerland, and according to Variety, made a few statements regarding his production schedule for the rest of 2018—including his 40th anniversary documentary on The Cure.

“Robert Smith is giving me access to 50 boxes of film, which have never been seen before, of the early Cure days,” Pope said. “I want to make a film like ‘Goodfellas’ where Robert is narrating the film in a first-person way, and it is like crazy and we are on this journey.” He added, “Robert’s songs always deal with being the outsider.”

Pope also mentioned that in addition to working on a mystery video for The Cure, he is also set to do music video work with The The, who are performing live again, and Soft Cell, who have a farewell performance scheduled for September 30th.

While it could be possible that this music video work is for new material for these bands, it is more likely that this is for footage to be screened during concert performances.

While at r7al Pope reconnected with it’s founder Vincent Perez, the actor who starred in the the last feature film  Pope directed, 1996’s The Crow: City of Angels. The film was produced by both Bob and Harvey Weinstein which Pope states that working with them was an experience that “put me off making [feature] films for 20 years.”

Pope and Perez are set to work on a new film together titled Drone.

Meanwhile, Pope has stated that The Cure documentary is unlikely to be finished this year.

While we wait, here is Tim Pope’s musical collaboration with Robert Smith “I Want To Be A Tree”.

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