Swedish Gothic Rock Act Then Come Silence have returned with one of their best songs to date. The band have unleashed a feminist gothic rock Battlecry with their video for “We Lose The Night”, a track taken from the forthcoming fifth studio album Machine, to be released March 13th via Oblivion/SPV (EU) and Metropolis Records (US).

On the song’s feminist and activist undertones, trying to shed the proverbial light on male violence and femicide, since a lot of this happens in the dark and when no one is watching.

Then Comes Silence’s Alex Svenson explains:

“I was a hardheaded pessimist around the time we released both ‘NYCTOPHILIAN’ and ‘BLOOD’.
Distinctly misandristic and fed-up on the patriarchal structures. I started writing on “We Lose The Night”. I was sorry for all my sisters. I still am.

But… the times we are living in have made me an optimist, funnily enough. Let the idiots and narrow-minded leaders burn everything to the ground. After they destroyed it, the shift will come and men learn how to be better beings. I think the brighter attitude gives the song that power gothic sound. “

Watch the video for “We Lose the Night” below:

The creative team for the video for “We Lose The Night” are:

  • Director Silva Kuusniemi
  • DOP Gerda Falk
  • Creative Director Kirke Rodwell
  • Producer Signe Falk
  • Production Company Rodwell Falk

Then Comes Silence, in addition to signing to Oblivion / SPV have announced their new line-up. Now Joining bassist/vocalist Alex Svenson and drummer Jonas Fransson, are guitarists Mattias Ruejas Jonson and Hugo Zombie, who now complete the band’s new roster, augmenting the sound with a deeper and richer post-punk infused sonic palette.

Jonson had previously played with A Projection, while Zombie was already on tour with Fields Of The Nephilim as a guest musician and comes from the Spanish group Los Carniceros del Norte.

On signing with Oblivion / SPV, Svenson states:

“As a band you need partners who believe in you. After Oblivion product manager Gero Herrde visited us during a performance on the ‘New Waves Day’ in May 2019, we knew that we would be in the best hands with him and his label. “

Herrde himself is also extremely satisfied with added the band to the roster:

“We have followed the positive development of Then Comes Silence with a great interest for years and are pleased that they will be releasing their new album Machine via Oblivion / SPV in March.”

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