Bay Area dreampop darlings Them Are Us Too were a band that had their otherworldly potential tragically extinguished due to the death of guitarist Cash Askew in the Ghostship Fire during December of 2016.

To honor Cash, Kennedy Ashlyn, who remains from the young duo that developed a cult following as one of the best dream pop bands in recent years, returned to the studio with producer Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel  Aviv), Sunny Haire (Cash’s stepfather), Matia Somovich (INHALT), and Anya Dross (Cash’s girlfriend) to complete the unfinished demos and sketches that were to be Them Are Us Too’s second album.

The result is one of the most beautiful collections of songs you will hear all year, with the debut track “Grey Water” stirring up the kind of tearful emotions initially felt on such tracks as Cocteau Twins’ “Rilkean Heart” and “Half Gifts”, or more recently, Slowdive’s “Sugar For The Pill”.

“Amends is a collection of songs that would have been the second Them Are Us Too record,” Kennedy explains.

“This release is an amendment to our catalogue cut short; a final gift to our family, friends, and fans who have supported us for the past fives years. Amends is a collaborative effort between TAUT and some of Cash’s dearest friends and family, culminating in a final ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye.’ Nothing will ever compensate for the loss of Cash, but as we struggle to put together the pieces of what the world is now, what life is now, I hope this record can help to fill in the gaps. And give us some amount of peace.”

Amends will be released June 29th on standard black vinyl, as well as limited edition clear (100 copies) and green (400 copies), compact disc and digital formats.

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