The Underground Youth shares the video for “For You Are The One”, a song from Manchester-born, Berlin-based band’s forthcoming new album The Falling.

A purposeful divergence from the erosive power permeates the music throughout The Underground Youth’s back catalog; The Falling highlights a richer western folk Americana soundscape. Here the music feels lived in and tactile, taking on smoother and more cinematic characteristics, driving its dusky shape through the pointed arrangement of acoustic guitars, piano, accordion, and a violin’s heavy presence throughout.

Consequently, “For You Are The One” has true anthemic grit, entreating a whiskey-soaked sing-along, bookended by the percussive tapping of a tumbler on an oak table.

Speaking on the single, frontman Craig Dyer explains:

“I wanted this bouncing, drunken, upbeat track for the record, something unlike anything I’d written before. The addition of the violin to the album really enhanced each and every track, but for me, this one stands out as the song most affected by this change in sound.”

Watch the video “For You Are The One” below:

The Underground Youth’s 10th studio album The Falling is due out on March 12th Fuzz Club Records.

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