“Are you waiting for someone or something to run from?”

From the shadows of Melbourne, Australia comes The Sistine Guns, with a seedy new track about the rise and fall of a showgirl’s first gig.

Lyricist/vocalist Joel originally intended the story as an epic poem, but once bandmate Daniel presented the instrumental the song fell into place. 

“Lil Miss Las Vegas is meant to mirror the birth of Jesus Christ,”  says the band. “The limousines represent the three Wise Men bearing gifts, whilst the DJ acts as a kind of Baptist priest welcoming her to her new home on the stage. The song eventually leads to a character holding an image in hand looking down at the city below, to see James Dean preaching on the streets, Marilyn Monroe face down in a sink, and Elvis nailed to a cross above the city. This signifies the pattern and how this has all happened before and there’s more than one way to crucify a person.”

The Sistine Guns describe their sound as ‘chaotic yet addictive.’ Joel’s elastic-like vocals and Daniel’s intense guitar style bring forth elements of The Stooges, Pixies, and The Cramps, with PIL, some Dead Kennedys, and The Gun Club thrown in for good measure. With its punk guitar work and intense vocals, the track bleeds out with urgency, lamentation and a hope for redemption.

“It’s fast, it’s biblical, it’s dirty and poetic but ultimately it’s something we both poured so much of ourselves into and we are both so excited for anyone to take a ride through this moral underbelly,” they say.

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