The Purge share intimate video for “Fallen Through” leading up to its 3rd album of 2019.

As The Purge, Thomas Duerig crafts emotionally vulnerable darkwave and electro music with tight pop hooks. He wears his influences on his sleeve, and it’s easy to hear shades of The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, New Order, or the Sisters of Mercy whether he is performing a driving electronic dance song or his moody guitar-driven alt-rock. He is, occasionally, not above blending the two.

“Fallen Through” is a song that I wrote in the summer of 2017. It got me beyond the personal demons that inspired the song “It’s a Bad Idea.” If you haven’t seen me live yet, you need to know that “It’s a Bad Idea” became an anthem for a lot of people at my shows. Fans and friends started sharing with me how “It’s a Bad Idea” was breaking them away from toxic partners or helping them notice patterns; I was getting emotionally overwhelmed when I thought about how my pain was becoming an empowering message and I needed to evolve from the experience too.  For me, the songs are very connected, and “Fallen Through” is how I finally tried to let go of my anger. I learned what I needed from the anger. 

My last three music videos were very flashy and used lots of editing tricks, but I always want there to be minimalism and emotional vulnerability in The Purge aesthetic. I wanted to emphasize that as much as I could with this one! The video is all one take and it took me three different nights of experimenting to finally get it right, but I could feel this take was “the one” while I was doing it. I started crying at the end of the video because I realized I had done it: I went down to the river and forgave this person on camera, and I was feeling like I could just live the rest of my life now. I left everything in the video too because it was such a genuine moment for me; I wanted people to know that healing from our past requires a lot of honesty (there are reasons why I called one of the other two albums I produced this year ‘Honesty’) and a healthy dose of crying. 

– Thomas Duerig

The Purge is releasing the album I’m Not Dead, its third album of 2019, on New Years Eve and hopes to organize a lot more touring in the new decade. Find the new album on Bandcamp here, or most other online distributors (including Spotify) here.

The Purge has already begun production on a new album, and Thomas is also the creative force behind Nur Black, an industrial project he describes as having “a dramatic and nuanced sound.” 

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