On August 21st, 1984 The Psychedelic Furs released their fourth studio album Mirror Moves. The album was the band’s first in two years since 1982’s Forever Now, and the 2nd to go gold.

Prior to recording the album, Furs drummer Vince Ely had left the band, leaving the trio of lead frontman Richard Butler, and his brother Tim Butler on bass, along with and guitarist John Ashton to work on the record.

Drum duties were shared by Producer Keith Forsey, who recorded the lions share on the album, along with session musician Tommy Price. who performed on two tracks. The LP’s cover artwork and design was made as a tribute to artist Barney Bubbles, who had passed away the previous year.

The album includes the hit songs, “Heartbeat” plus “Heaven” and “The Ghost in You”, which both charted well. Despite its international success, the track “Heaven” was not released as a single in America. Instead, in its place “Here Come Cowboys”.

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