[dropcap]I [/dropcap]recently heard the beautiful noise of Sweden’s Sanne De Neige—a band comprised of siblings Sanne de Neige & Anton de Neige—who combine hazy, hypnotic dance rhythms channeled through the influence of French and Belgian Coldwave, and remarkably…Touching Pop. Indeed, their music is something you would expect to find on a Lively Arts compilation in the mid to late 80’s.  Yet, there is something new brought into the mix—something primitive, something distinctly Scandinavian, something modern, but lo-fi and primal.

The narrow drum machine featured on the above track “Venin” channel percussive rhythms in the vein of Stephen Morris on Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”, or the Bunnymen’s Pete de Freitas via “All My Colours”, with soaring guitars and vocals, that seem to be the fostered child of a Cure track from “Disintegration”—but through the Nordic lungs of Sanne De Neige.

Pick up Sanne de Neige’s demo compilation ‘The Forest Tapes’, which will soon be released on Cassette and CD via InClub Records. The band are currently working on a full length studio album. the tracks ‘Venin’ and ‘Luna’ are two singles which will be available on this upcoming LP.

Listen to “Luna” Here

and find Sanne De Neige on Bandcamp

Cover Photo by Elinleticia Högabo from Högabo Photography

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