The Lords of the New Churchthe famed punk, goth, and post-punk supergroup featuring Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys and The Damned’s Brian James—will be reissuing their 1982 self titled debut LP this summer in a new expanded edition.

Blixa Sound Records is releasing this The Lords of the New Church: Special Edition on  July 20th on 2 CD set, that include a 12-page color booklet with photos, and gig-poster replicas, plus new liner notes by penned by renowned music journalist Craig Rosen, who had interviewed the band in 1983 for his college newspaper.

Disc one includes the original 10-tracks included from the album’s  initial release , with the addition of bonus B-sides “Girls Girls Girls” and “Young Don’t Cry,” and the single version of “Open Your Eyes”. Disc two includes a 13 song live set recorded during October of 1982 at Long Island Concert Venue My Father’s Place.

The gig at My Father’s Place was originally only available as a bootleg that was based on a high quality FM Broadcast of the concert.

See the full tracklist below.



Disc 1:

  1. “New Church”
  2. “Russian Roulette”
  3. “Question of Temperature”
  4. “Eat Your Heart Out”
  5. “Portobello”
  6. “Open Your Eyes”
  7.  “Livin’ On Livin’”
  8. “Li’l Boys Play With Dolls”
  9. “Apocalypso”
  10.  “Holy War”
    Bonus Tracks
  11. “Girls, Girls, Girls”
  12.  “Young Don’t Cry”
  13. “Open Your Eyes” (Single Version)


Disc 2:
Live From My Father’s Place 1982

  1. “New Church”
  2. “Question of Temperature”
  3. “Girls Girls Girls”
  4.  “Livin’ On Livin’”
  5. “Eat Your Heart Out”
  6. “Russian Roulette”
  7. “Fortune Teller”
  8. “Open Your Eyes”
  9. “Li’l Boys Play with Dolls”
  10. “Holy War”
  11. 11. “Portobello”
  12. “Apocalypso”
  13. “New Church”

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