Metropolis Records have just released two seminal Legendary Pink Dots reissues on compact disc, both in print on the format for the first time in years. 1987’s Any Day Now and 1992’s underrated Shadow Weaver albums receive the reissue treatment, each containing additional bonus tracks. Vinyl editions are due out on July 6th and are currently available for pre-order.

In addition to the original album, fully restored and remastered, bonus tracks on Any Day Now include the entirety of the 1988 Under Glass 12” and a remix of “Neon Gladiators” that was originally exclusive to their Stone Circles best of collection. The vinyl edition contains one additional track, which contains excerpts from the album recording sessions. Shadow Weaver‘s bonus tracks include an early version of “A Stitch In Time” and a vinyl/digital-only track titled “A Dead Sea Scroll.”

For those unfamiliar, Any Day Now is arguably The Legendary Pink Dots’ finest record, the peak of their marriage of industrial textures and psychedelic sonic explorations, with perhaps the catchiest and most accessible batch of songs the band ever wrote. The album boasts three of the band’s strongest songs, including “Neon Mariners,” “A Strychnine Kiss,” and “Casting the Runes,” the latter which still appears in the band’s live setlists to date. As mentioned above, Shadow Weaver is the more underrated release of the two, but it’s flirtation with neoclassical arrangements are gripping. Highlights include the subtly menacing “City of Needles” and closing track “Leper Colony.”

Check out the tracklisting and purchase/pre-order links below:

The Legendary Pink Dots – Any Day Now
01. Casting The Runes
02. A Strychnine Kiss
03. Laguna Beach
04. The Gallery
05. Neon Mariners
06. True Love
07. The Peculiar Funfair
08. Waiting For The Cloud
09. Cloud Zero
10. Under Glass*
11. The Plasma Twins*
12. The Light In My Little Girl’s Eyes*
13. Neon Gladiators (Version Apocalypse)**
14. Excerpts From ‘Any Day Now Sessions’***

*  From Under Glass 12” (1988)
** From Stone Circles: A Legendary Pink Dots Anthology (1988)
*** Previously unreleased. Vinyl/digital only

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The Legendary Pink Dots – Shadow Weaver
01. Zero Zero
02. Guilty Man – Ghosts Of Unborn Children
03. City Of Needles
04. Stitching Time – Twilight Hour
05. The Key To Heaven
06. Laughing Guest
07. Prague Spring
08. Leper Colony
09. Stitching Time First Version (Instrumental)*
10. A Dead Sea Scroll**

* From A Bell is a Bowl Until it is Struck CD-R (2000)
** Previously unreleased. Vinyl/digital only

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