[dropcap]The KVB[/dropcap] return with their new album on March 3rd 2016. The new record will be called Of Desire and is the follow up to their highly acclaimed Immaterial Visions and Mirror Being (a collection of unreleased instrumentals & analogue experiments by the band that have been recorded between London & Berlin in 2014).

It’s been awhile since Nicholas Wood and Kat Day experimented with ideas around minimal electronica and shoegaze within their bedroom. The now Berlin-based pair have released four impressive albums since 2010 besides a number of tapes and EPs.

Geoff Barrow’s Invada Records was mesmerized by the dark and haunting shoegaze featured in Mirror Being, flew the band to Bristol and started recording a new full length masterpiece.

Of Desire is taking in influences from bands such Death In Vegas, Scott Walker as well as Roxy Music to create a sound that is inventive, but also familiar at the same time. Nic noted that many of the songs date back to their earliest bedroom recordings, including the lead single In Deep.

One thing you will notice is that Nick’s voice is way more present on this record, capturing a more intimate  and more personal note. Check it out!


Don’t miss their upcoming tour! All relevant dates are listed on this page.

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