It’s been two years since The Harrow released their debut full length record Silhouettes on aufnahme + wiedergabe. Since then, the band has released a successful living, breathing remix album entitled Points of View, which finds most of the album’s tracks reinterpreted by friends and peers across the post-punk and synth spectrum. Previous offenders include the band’s producer Automelodi, the latest sonic incarnation of Azar Swan, the roaring cacophony of Second Still, the electronic wall of sound of Martial Canterel, and the rain-soaked gloom of Public Memory.

The latest remix hails from LA synth/post-punk band Deathday, who have otherwise been working quietly on a new record as well as several collaborations. Their take on the album’s first single “Love Like Shadows” takes the song’s thick atmosphere and launches it into the stratosphere, invoking mid-era New Order and the darker side of the freestyle spectrum. Both band’s knack for outsider inspiration comes through in the original track as well as the remix, which is as ripe for the dance floor as any track on the collection thus far.

Points of View will be coming to an end over the course of the next few months, with remixes by Bootblacks and Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) to round the collection out. With that in mind, you can listen to the latest remix above, pick up a digital copy here, and check out Deathday’s body of work here.

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