White lights, dead gaze
Black feet, feral haze
Animals, we’re animals
Animals, we’re animals

“Feral Haze,” the second single off of the upcoming LP Silhouettes, is another dark journey into the deep waters of New York City post-punk band The Harrow. As a more uptempo track than their first single off the album, “Feral Haze” summons the 80s coldwave sounds they have become known for – accentuated by the drum machine – but also channel 90s shoegaze (à la Massive Attack, Curve, or My Bloody Valentine) in its Neptunian soundscape. The marriage between the dance floor-ready beat and the echoing guitar is addictive and is as sweet as a pop rock song, especially in the seductive spoken word breakdowns.  However, there is the ghost of melancholy that is woven within both the music and lyrics, a romantic sadness that adds depth to the track. “Feral Haze” is a cross-pollination of the band members’ influences that morphs into an untethered sound, a fresh and exciting song that leaves me anxious to hear Silhouettes in its entirety.

The “Feral Haze” music video is in production right now, directed and animated by Gooby Herms (Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles). And luckily for all of us, the Silhouettes LP comes out on November 6th on the Berlin-based aufnahme+wiedergabe label, which has always proven to house excellent artists and releases. I wouldn’t expect anything less with The Harrow’s upcoming album and look forward to more unexpected couplings between genres and eras from the band.

The album release party will take place on November 11th with a show in Brooklyn alongside NYC post-punk staples Bootblacks, Shannon F (of Light Asylum) and Second Still.

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