The folks over at Dangerous Minds often find some of the best archived New-Wave footage on the internet. One such gem is New York Dance Stand—a new-wave Danceteria era program inspired by the format of the infamous Dick Clark hosted American Bandstand.

The show was featured on New York cable in the early 1980s—but is now so obscure it is often listed incorrectly as New York Bandstand (American Bandstand was a Philadelphia production). Two awkward appearances have surfaced via Youtube. The first is of Siouxsie and the Banshees visiting the US on their very first tour. The show was filmed on November 25th, 1980.

In the interview, Siouxsie complains to host Carl Bloat about the poor attendance of the tour, while preening and backcombing her hair! It is worth noting that Siouxsie first started to backcomb her hair in her trademark style right around the time of the release of the Israel single which is mimed on the show, along with Kaleidoscope‘s Christine.

And here is Carl Bloat attempting to interview Bauhaus towards the end of their second US tour—and notice Daniel Ash is not having the interview, or the commentary on his “quiff”. As far as we aware, this is the earliest, and perhaps only early Bauhaus video interview to exist.

Bonus: Watch the only existing full episode of ‘New York Dance Stand available online,’ this was videotaped at Manhattan’s Danceteria club in 1983.

h/t Dangerous Minds

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