Following our report this past weekend, It has now been officially confirmed via the unveiling of the official Record Store Day 2018 list today that The Cure are indeed releasing a companion to their 2LP vinyl reissue of 1990’s Mixed Up in the 2LP picture disc Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018.

Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018’s die-cut gatefold sleeve

The compilation features a selection of 16 tracks mixed by Robert Smith, and listed in chronological order of their original release.

Each of the 4 sides to the two disc set feature songs from every Cure album up until 4:13 Dream—with the exception of Just One Kiss, Never Enough, and Cut Here, all three being featured as compilation tracks.

Just One Kiss was originally a b-side to Let’s Go to Bed, and was released later on the compilation Japanese Whispers, Never Enough was released as a single featured on Mixed Up, and Cut Here was a new song featured on The Cure’s Greatest Hits.

Both Torn Down and Mixed Up are listed as Record Store Day exclusives—only to be available in editions of 7000 on April 21st.

Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018

Side 1

  • 1. “Three Imaginary Boys”
  • 2. “M”
  • 3. “The Drowning Man”
  • 4. “A Strange Day”

Side 2

  • 1. “Just One Kiss”
  • 2. “Shake Dog Shake”
  • 3. “A Night Like This”
  • 4. “Like Cockatoos”

Side 3

  • 1. “Plainsong”
  • 2. “Never Enough”
  • 3. “From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea”
  • 4. “Want”

Side 4

  • 1. “The Last Day Of Summer”
  • 2. “Cut Here”
  • 3. “Lost”
  • 4. “It’s Over”


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