[dropcap]The Twilight Sad[/dropcap] are one of those bands that feel like the soundtrack to some of the most heart wrenching moments of desperation in life—evoking a feeling not unlike what someone would get from listening to The Cure’s Faith.  The track ‘It Never Was The Same’ (above), which comes out on June 15th, is a primary example of this.

That being said, it seems only natural that Cure frontman Robert Smith (who is a big fan of the Scottish band) would collaborate on this upcoming release, providing a cover of ‘There’s A Girl In The Corner’ from The Twlight Sad’s album “Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave” for the 7″ vinyls b-side.

 ‘It Never Was The Same’ will be released June 15th on FatCat Records.

Pre-orders for the limited edition 7″ will open April 13th on the band’s official website.

Hear a preview of Robert’s version of ‘There’s A Girl In The Corner’ below:

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