“We look before and after, / and pine for what is not: / our sincerest laughter / with some pain is fraught; / our sweetest songs are those that tell / of saddest thought…”-Percy Bysshe Shelley

On April 21st, 1992, Robert Smith’s 33rd birthday, The Cure released their 9th studio album Wish. The record is the final studio album featuring drummer Boris Williams and the first featuring Perry Bamonte on keyboards, as well as being the last album featuring Porl Thompson on guitar for sixteen years.

While tracks like “Trust”, and “Apart”,  “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea” may have retained the sound and mood of the previous album Disintegrationsingles like High

and Friday I’m In Love (whose opening lyric seems to be a jab at the infamous New Order single)

Songs on Wish were the most upbeat tracks to come from the band since the Japanese Whispers era, save for Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me and it’s hit single “Just Like Heaven”.

“Letter to Elise” is definitely the best of the album’s singles.

But let us not forget the Fanclub tape, Lost Wishes, which contains some of The Cure’s finest, albeit instrumental tracks.

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