The Cure have yet to release a DVD of The Cure in Orange, so the 1987 concert film remains sadly out of print—with acquiring a used VHS or Bootleg the only means of physically owning a copy.

The live footage was shot on August 9th and 10th, 1986, at the Theatre Antique d’Orange in the French countryside, featuring a 23-song, Head on the Door-era set (every song on that record, save for The Blood, and Screw.

Here’s hoping an official DVD/Blu-Ray will finally see the release.


Tracklist: ‘The Cure in Orange’

1. Intro: The Glove, “Relax”
2. “Shake Dog Shake”
3. “Piggy in the Mirror”
4. “Play for Today”
5. “A Strange Day”
6. “Primary”
7. “Kyoto Song”
8. “Charlotte Sometimes”
9. “Inbetween Days”
10. “The Walk”
11. “A Night Like This”
12. “Push”
13. “One Hundred Years”
14. “A Forest”
15. “Sinking”
16. “Close to Me”
17. “Let’s Go to Bed”
18. “Six Different Ways”
19. “Three Imaginary Boys”
20. “Boys Don’t Cry”
21. “Faith”
22. “Give Me It”
23. “10:15 Saturday Night”
24. “Killing an Arab”
25. Outro: The Chiffons, “Sweet Talking Guy”

h/t Unknown Pleasures Records

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