The Morrissey biopic England Is Mine had its Hollywood premiere on August 24th. After the film, there was Question and Answer panel hosted by the Mexican Morrissey himself—Jose Maldonado. Joining him on the panel were Director Mark Gill, Producers Baldwin Lee and Orian Williams (who produced Control), along with guitarist Billy Duffy from The Cult.

Billy Duffy was paired with young actor Adam Lawrence, who plays him in the film. In the talk, Duffy recounted how he had wrote helped the shy young vocalist and songwriter—then known as Steven—write his very first songs, as well as getting him him his first gig, and introducing him to his future songwriting partner and guitarist in The Smiths, Johnny Marr, who was one of Billy’s best friends.

Regarding getting the film’s depiction of the ‘time and feeling’ of late 70s and early 80s Manchester accurate, Duffy joked that they got the clothing right, as he actually did wear Wranglers, but regarding the film’s tone he emphasized that the film could have been more violent, as you were very likely to get beat up for being different during that time in Manchester.

He then went on to say that he had helped director Mark Gill in developing the film and stated:

“In terms of the narrative of the story, that’s all accurate, but I don’t remember if it was my bedroom or Morrissey’s bedroom that we sat down and played [in]”

Watch all the footage from the Q&A session below:

In addition to Billy Duffy being at the premiere, comedian and actor Thomas Lennon—one of the biggest Smiths and Morrissey fans in the world was in attendance.

If you are a devoted Smiths and Morrissey fan, it is highly recommended you that watch Thomas Lennon and Chris Gerhard talk about the Manchester band and singer for 45 minutes are their local Rough Trade record store.

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