“I think it’s healthy to have creative tension. There’s nothing worse than walking into a room where nobody’s got any ideas. I’d rather have an argument about something creative than to have nothing, just the sound of crickets: ‘All right. What are we gonna do now?'”

Billy Duffy, the guitarist for British post-punk and alt-rock legends The Cult, revealed some news on social media this week: the band is “well into the process” of recording a follow-up album to Hidden City (2016, Cooking Vinyl) with producer Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Royal Blood). Previously, The Cult released 2012’s Choice Of Weapon.

The project, the band’s first with Black Hill Records/indie publisher Round Hill Music, will be the band’s eleventh studio record and first with the newly-launched Black Hill Records.

The band is “in the studio with producer Tom Dalgety working on the new Cult songs”… according to Billy Duffy, who adds “it’s great to be back at the legendary Rockfield Studios where we recorded ‘Dreamtime’ way back in the day…”

The collaboration between Duffy and vocalist Ian Astbury remains strong creatively, with a healthy tension between the musicians that keeps them on their toes and a credo to adhere to quality, not quantity. Duffy and Astbury consider themselves evolutionary forward thinkers, reluctant to tread tired waters from their youth.

“It’s not like Ian writes ‘Ian songs’ and Billy writes ‘Billy songs,’ and we record them as The Cult,” says Duffy. “There are no ‘Ian songs’ or ‘Billy songs’ — there are Ian and Billy songs together…We sort of respect each other to the extent that I think there’s a trust there, and I think that, after this many years together, and a few years apart, I think we trust each other and respect each other enough…We see things very differently. “In a lot of ways, we’re very alike. Our birthdays are one year and two days apart. So we’re both Taureans. Our birthdays are both coming up very soon. We’re very alike in a lot of ways and very different in a lot of ways.”

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