[dropcap]The[/dropcap] Comsat Angels, named after the J. G. Ballard story of the same name, were one of the original UK Post-Punk bands, and they had a prolific career spanning from 1978 to 1995 (with a brief reunion in 2009), where they have performed and tour with U2, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Gang of Four, and more.

Despite hailing from Sheffield and Doncaster, England, The Comsat Angels would later have a strong influence on many NYC Post-Punk revival bands such as Blacklist, Bell Hollow, and Interpol.

“I consistently notice their influence surfacing in almost any project I’m doing. The things that are great about them go well beyond their corners of the historical and genre worlds.

Stephen Fellows’ vocal and melodic sensibilities are some of my favorite in music. Their use of synthesizers in a rock band context is as perfect as you can get.

Without them, there would have been no Blacklist with me in it. I can say that without reservation”

Joshua Strawn (Blacklist, Vaura, Azar Swan)

These releases through Edsel (Part of Demon Music Group) follow the Renascent imprint reissues which were released back in 2007.

Here is the official deluxe reissue announcement from the band below:

“Edsel are planning deluxe re-issues of The Comsat Angels albums from Waiting For A Miracle through to (Dream Command’s) Fire On The Moon. The best bit of news is that this includes the first re-issue of the long out-of-print Chasing Shadows album.

The album’s are up for pre-order on Amazon (links below) but the 1st June release date listed on Amazon is wrong – the record company are working towards a July or August release. I’ll post details (such as tracklisting, whether they are remastered etc) as soon as they are confirmed by Edsel.

Interesting Fact: The song “I’m Falling” is featured in it’s entirety on the Real Genius soundtrack.

Not a fact but an strong opinion: “You Move Me” is one of the best Post-Punk songs of all time.


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