The Column has unveiled its highly sacrilegious video for “Devils Shadow”, a languid cold wave from the mind of musician and visual artist Reuben Sawyer; who is known for his work with Chelsea Wolfe and for his other indie projects such as Hollow Sunshine & Dry Insides.

On the video, which was produced with the help of Some Ember*s Dylan, Sawyer had this to say:

“Driven by an inescapable lust for angelic bodies the devil comes to earth looking for a quick fix. He wanders the desolate suburban streets and bland strip malls that make up the California landscape only to find a lonely graveyard creeping in his shadow. Heaven is boring. Hell is full but the devil doesn’t skip a beat – the world is his dance floor. Humanity might be a bigger inferno after all.”

Watch the video below:

Devil*s Shadow is to be included on a forthcoming release from The Column in 2020.

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