The Colours Of Silence have made an impressive debut with their recently released 12 track album Between The Darkness And The Light, featuring the tenebrous lead single “Lost Souls”—a song which is a Goth as it gets.

With its dancefloor-friendly guitar and drum machine-driven dark post-punk, “Lost Souls” ignites with enough dark fire to animate any old Grufti’s atrophied limbs into a ready state for a night of fishnets, patchouli, and fog machines.

The project is the brainchild of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil-based producer/songwriter Hélio Peixoto (A World of Mystery /Vox Insana), and features the acclaimed avant-garde vocalist Michael Aliani aka Carrodus of Chiron—and most notably IKON, a band which Batcave Chronicler and Music Journalist Mick Mercer has described as “pioneers in the Gothic genre”.

Aliani also brings along with him to the project fellow Ikon and Chiron bassist Dino Molinaro. Also featured on Between The Darkness And The Light is special guest vocalist Kriistal Ann (Paradox Obscur/ Sine Silex / ToyoTomi).

Between The Darkness And The Light is out now via WAVE RECORDS.

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